Computer Science Theory Seminar (Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020)

Research seminar webpage of the Logic and Semantics group at TTÜ.
This seminar series is intertwined with the TallCat seminar series of the Compositional Systems and Methods group.

Time: Generally happening on Thursday at 14-15.30 Tallinn time.
Place: Institute of Cybernetics at TTÜ, room CYB-101

NB: From March 2020 the seminar is moving online.


Time Title Speaker
Thu 12.09 @ 12.00 GMT+3
Room CYB-402
A GSOS for Attribute-based Communication Marino Miculan (University of Udine)
Mon 18.11 @ 14.00 GMT+2
Room ICT-315
Runners in Action Danel Ahman (University of Ljubljana)
Mon 16.12 @ 14.00 GMT+2
Room CYB-101
Symbolic Regexes and Matching Margus Veanes (Microsoft Research, RiSE group)
Thu 27.02 @ 14.00 GMT+2
Room CYB-101
Skew Everything! Diving Deep under Substructural Logics Niccolò Veltri
Thu 02.04 @ 14.00 GMT+3
Algebras for Algebraic Effects: Behavioural Equivalence of Effectful Programs Niels Voorneveld
Thu 30.04 @ 14.00 GMT+3
A Framework for Modelling, Verification and Transformation of Concurrent Imperative Programs Maksym Bortin
Thu 07.05 @ 14.00 GMT+3
1-Truncated Higher Inductive Types Niels van der Weide (Radboud University)
Thu 04.06 @ 14.00 GMT+3
Higher-Order Algebraic Theories Dylan McDermott (Reykjavik University)
Thu 18.06 @ 14.00 GMT+3
Flexible Coinductive Definitions by Inference Systems Francesco Dagnino (University of Genoa)
Thu 25.06 @ 16.00 GMT+3
Online NB: Different time!
Polynomials: From Dynamics to Databases David Spivak (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Thu 02.07 @ 14.00 GMT+3
Interaction Laws of Monads and Comonads Tarmo Uustalu