Computer Science Theory Seminar (Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021)

Research seminar webpage of the Logic and Semantics group at TTÜ.
This seminar series is intertwined with the TallCat seminar series of the Compositional Systems and Methods group.

Time: Generally happening on Thursday at 14.00 Tallinn time.
Place: Online.


Time Title Speaker
Thu 24 Sep On the Axiomatisability of Parallel Composition: A Journey in the Spectrum Valentina Castiglioni
(Reykjavik University)
Thu 15 Oct Complexity of Substructural Logics with Kleene Star Stepan Kuznetsov
(Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS)
Thu 12 Nov Synthetic Undecidability Proofs in Coq: The Entscheidungsproblem, Trakhtenbrot’s Theorem, and First-Order Axiom Systems Dominik Kirst
(Saarland University)
Thu 19 Nov Diamonds Are Not Forever: Liveness in Reactive Programming with Guarded Recursion Christian Uldal Graulund
(IT University of Copenhagen)
Thu 3 Dec The Integers in Homotopy Type Theory Thorsten Altenkirch
(University of Nottingham)
Thu 10 Dec Categorical Models of Probability with Symmetries Sam Staton
(University of Oxford)
Thu 7 Jan Asynchronous Effects Danel Ahman
(University of Ljubljana)
Thu 14 Jan
World Logic Day
Deriving Derivation Rules from Truth Tables: Classically, Constructively and Proof Reduction Herman Geuvers
(Radboud University and Technical University Eindhoven)
Thu 4 Feb Generic and Efficient Partition Refinement (slides) Thorsten Wißmann
(FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and Radboud University)
Thu 25 Feb Universal Algebra in UniMath Marco Maggesi
(University of Florence)
Thu 18 Mar Broad Infinity and Generation Principles Paul Blain Levy
(University of Birmingham)
Thu 8 Apr A Geometric Approach to Duplicial Duality Philipp Joram
(Dresden University of Technology)
Thu 13 May Skew Monoidal Categories and the Proof-theoretic Anatomy of Associativity (and Unitality) Noam Zeilberger
(Ecole Polytechnique)
Thu 20 May Graded Adjoint Logic (slides) Harley Eades III
(Augusta University)
Thu 10 June Verified Multiple-Time Signature Scheme from One-Time Signatures and Timestamping Denis Firsov
(Tallinn University of Technology and GuardTime)